EPA's eManifest System Information Update

June 20, 2018 eManifest System Information Update One big question our hazardous waste generators are asking is, how does eManifest affect me and what, if anything, should I do when it launches? Here are some key points our valued customers should keep in mind during this transition.
·EMSI’s manifest process will not change. We will continue to prepare and print manifests for our clients. Our clients will still be required to physically sign (pen to paper) all hazardous waste manifests. ·EMSI and our partner Treatment Storage Disposal Facilities (TSDF) will continue to use paper manifests during transport and will upload data and pdf scanned copies to the EPA eManifest system. ·Hazardous waste generators will continue to receive signed and returned manifests from TSDFs after June 30.
Two of the biggest benefits to our hazardous waste generator clients are:
·Generators can register at to have immediate access to pdf scanned copies of their TSDF signe…

Tech Corner: Know your hazardous waste accumulation & storage rules

One notable change triggered by the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvement rule is the marking and label requirements on hazardous waste accumulation containers while in satellite waste accumulation and in central waste storage.Previous RCRA labeling regulations did not require generators to identify and indicate the specific hazards of the hazardous waste accumulated in containers, tanks, drip pads and containment buildings.This resulted in a failure to communicate risks associated with wastes being accumulated or stored in different locations. Another risk associated with marking and labels was the Treatment Storage Disposal Facility (TSDF) not knowing how to treat the waste to meet land disposal restriction requirements because generators did not always identify the specific RCRA waste codes associated with the waste. To avoid these risks the following changes to hazardous waste management regulations have been applied: 1.Satellite accumulation – Containers and tank labels must have…

Regulatory Update: EPA’s E-Manifest system launch June 30, 2018

EPA’s Electronic Manifest System known as “eManifest” is scheduled to launch on June 30, 2018.This system has been established according to the Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest Establishment Act put into law on October 5, 2012.The system’s goal is to modernize our nations “cradle-to-grave” hazardous waste tracking process.Here are some important points to consider during this transition. The new eManifest system offers a centralized single platform hosted by the EPA designed to streamline tracking of all hazardous waste shipped after June 30.TSDFs will be required to submit manifest data to the EPA for the shipments they receive.This data will then be made available to all local, state, and federal agencies of interest and, after some time, also publically accessible for research and study purposes. Once rolled out, eManifest will automate much of the hazardous waste tracking process.However, some other regulatory agencies that touch these processes have yet to align and automate …

Regulatory Updates: EPA proposes adding aerosols to list of universal wastes

The EPA is considering adding hazardous waste aerosol cans to those universal wastes regulated under 40 CFR 273.  This proposal would streamline the management of hazardous waste aerosol cans and reduce disposal costs. Read more

Sustainable Solutions at Your Disposal: Recycling programs & activites

Thinking about starting a recycling program?  What recycling programs or activities do you already have implemented? Please share with us what recycling programs you already have implemented that’s working! Post your answer in the comments below.

Tech Corner: HWGI Fact Sheet for Virginia Generators

Virgnia Department of Environmental Quality has published an informational fact sheet for their adaptation of the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule.

EMSI offers Small Quantity Dental Amalgam Recycling Kits

EMSI offers CESQG dental amalgam recycling kits If you have less than one pound of dental amalgam for recycling, this kit offers an economically friendly alternative to disposal as waste.These Dental Amalgam Recycling Kits contain everything needed to send dental amalgam for recycling. Supply price: $175.00 Disposal: $200.00 Total: $375 (Paid upon order)
Kit Includes: 1- Gallon Recycle Kit Pail 1 - Gallon Zip Lock Bag/ 16oz plastic jar 1- 1 - Return Label must be included in the box - (All Dental Amalgam return labels will have the Allentown address - this prevents the individual facilities from having to receive them and then ship them out to PA to be processed).
The 16oz jar can be used to hold the 'wet' dental amalgam. This container must be put inside the Ziploc bag. Other 'dry' dental amalgam waste can be packed around the jar and the Ziploc bag. The total amount of mercury contained in the kit must be less than 1 pound.
Acceptable Dental Amalgam Waste: Non-Contact Amalga…